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During a reading I see images and pictures, which I will explain to you as sometimes the images don’t make any sense to me but are quite relevant to you.

My goal is to help you see the reality of your situation and the truth you need to understand. I cannot make or change your life for you but I can help you to conduct it with your eyes open.


I am a spiritualist who embraces all aspects of the spiritual path. I am a compassionate and non-judgemental psychic healer. I believe that people have their own free will and have to take responsibility for their own choices. However I can feel and sense what is happening with you and can guide and help you make the right decisions to enhance your life.


I hear words or sentences in my mind, which I endeavour to pass on to you. These will help you to determine the direction and goals you need to work towards. I will help you to relate and integrate within your own life. I am honest and accurate; share humour and knowledge and use my healing ability to assist you to empower yourself.

I have the insight and can get right to the heart of the matter.

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20mins £28
30mins £38

Each Reading includes Three minutes FREE!
Once you have booked your appointment, please telephone for your reading. As a client, you will pay for the phone call on the following rates

01323 412603



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