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Wow, wow, wow what a fantastic reading with Lucy. Thank you for your insightfulness, your practical matter of fact approach and for being there at the right time. I definitely will be calling you again. Thank you
J from North Yorkshire

I wanted to say Thank You to Lucy for connecting me to my dearest father who passed away suddenly a month ago. The messages he had for my family were touching and gave me strength to move forward. Without Lucy this would not have been possible. Lucy has a lovely, soothing way about her in the way she conveys messages. Thank you so much. For anyone in a similar position, I would definitely recommend Lucy. God Bless.
P from London

There is only one Lucy!!!!! She really is a sincere clever caring lady who knows her stuff. If you want answers and no waffling this is the lady. She really is a pleasure. Thanks
Anon from Ireland

I wanted to leave feedback for the lovely and wonderfully gifted Lucy. I’ve been having readings for the past 3 years with Lucy and everything that has been said to me has come to pass, this lady is brilliant and she offers amazing advice, through her advice I have now got a job and know what I want out of my career and I am stronger than ever. This wonderful lady gives you honesty and is a true credit to this site. If you are ready to hear the facts then call Lucy, you won’t be disappointed, she is amazing…Thank you so much for all your support Lucy you are wonderful. Love, Light and many Warm Blessings to you. Love R
R from West Midlands

Just had a reading with Lucy; such a lovely lady. Always spot on with her information. It is like talking to an old friend who is wise and honest. I can't recommend her highly enough. God bless you Lucy.
S from Middlesex

I had my first reading with Lucy (7 April 2012) and she was exceptional. Lucy told me with absolute certainty what happened to me as a child; the dynamics between me and certain people; and the deeper reasons why certain things have happened despite my best efforts. Lucy is very compassionate and her insights come quickly. The skill that she possesses that puts her above and beyond a standard reader is her ability to see blocks within my energy field. It is by remedying these emotional blocks that I will be able to move to a far more empowered place and enjoy a more rewarding life. Thank you Lucy.
S from London

Validations after validations, absolutely superb, what an amazing psychic Lucy!! Highly recommend her.
Anon from UK

Dear Lucy, I had a reading from you last year and I have to say at the time I didn’t really like what I heard even though in my heart I knew you were telling me the facts. 12 months on I have to say after many readings with others you were the most honest reader out of them all, even my most trusted...Thank you so much for that…I’ve just had another reading with you and I felt like you were reading my mind amazing! You are truly gifted and an amazing lady thank you R x
R from West Midlands

Have had several readings with Lucy, she is VERY gifted. Highly intuitive and straight to the point, she allowed me to see an old problem in a new light and move forward. Highly recommended reader!!
S from London

I've been speaking to Lucy for some time now and have found her to be honest, generous and patient with her guidance when charting through difficult dilemmas in my life. She provides insight without judgement balanced with a special blend of kindness and good humour. I would recommend her as a sincere gifted clairvoyant who works without any gimmicks.
L from South London

Lucy gave me a mirror on a clear day, “rise up and see who you are” is a quote I once read. She let me see me again, something I had lost for so long. She is practical, blunt and full of good old fashioned common sense. I wish she where a relative, a great positive influence to have around - gold. I may not be able to thank you properly Lucy but your guidance is much valued and rare. A million thanks.
H from South London

I've had many readings with Lucy. I would like to thank her for her in-depth readings; she has assisted me in getting over a rough part of my life with her soothing voice and her calm and loving approach. Not only were her readings precise they also provided a light at the end of the tunnel. I am so happy I've been able to find someone who actually has the gift. Lucy is a star in my eyes. Lots of Love, Shannon x
S from Bournemouth

Dear Lucy,

Following my wife's passing, nearly 3 years ago, I have had many readings & guidance from you, so this is a very belated & sincere thank you. Like many people, when suffering a loss of a close loved one, I was left with numerous unanswered questions - not least the spiritual ones. Not only did your readings & practical guidance help me come to terms with my deep grief ; but it also helped me start to answer those questions. But ; perhaps more importantly you also stimulated me to start-out on my own personal journey, which involved, not only remembering long forgotten thoughs & feelings, but also opening me up & helping me to progress down a path of discovery, enabling me to begin to comprehend what life is really about & what part I am here to play & why. Yes, as you keep reminding me, I have come a very long way. Your amazing gifts have also helped & influenced certain members of my family, for which we are all most grateful.

There is so much happening in the world which now requires us all to have a very different approach & understanding of life & how we should be leading it, & we all need, somehow, to find our own way of doing this. Most people will at sometime in their live's need a " Lucy" to help, comfort & steer them in the right direction - I hope that you also have a " Lucy" in your life.

With Love & Blessings 

I came across Lucy Creen purely by accident during a very painful stage in my life and have come to thank my lucky stars for being led to her.
Having spent the last 4 years consulting her for guidance with legal as well as emotional issues I have found her to be honest, extremely accurate with a knack for delivering the truth with a great degree of bluntness and kind humour. There is no hiding from the truth or dancing around the mulberry bush with her! Her essential strength lies in her ability to deliver guidance with a great deal of perceptive insight. I would recommend Lucy as a genuinely talented medium without question and have found her to be supportive and generous with her time.



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